Toni Hamel is an artist from Toronto who works across mediums to create drawings, paintings and sculptures which put in doubt human behavior. In her work, Toni usually includes animals and icebergs that are treated as art objects by men in lab coats. The human male are analyzing the zebras, giraffes and whales, painting over their spots or pinning on stripes with great precision.

The artist describes her art as an “illustrated commentary of human frailties” and her intention is to put in light peculiar behavior in humans. “Drawing from personal experiences and outward observations, I point to historical, social, and psychological references. Virtues and vices, the holy and the profane, the good and the bad, all share equal weight and supply as infinite source material for my investigations”.

Conceptual setting makes Hamel work across disciplines: drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations are rendered in traditional and non-traditional materials. They are chosen based on their ability to support the particular message she wants to transmit. Showing to historical and psychological references while approaching issues of universal interest, her narratives analyze our behaviour in order to make us worry about the repercussions of our actual thinking models.

In 1983, the artist received her BFA from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Lecce and in 1991, she obtained a post-graduate certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College. Her beautiful work has been admired in public and commercial galleries in Canada and many other countries. It is included in the permanent art collections of the Archives of Ontario, but also in private collections in Canada, the US and Europe. Toni’s wonderful work has been showed in several Arts & Culture magazines such as Hi-FructoseLowdown, Courrier International, RoomSliceRiddle FenceEfflorescence CulturelleMud Season Review, but also in a lot of other print and digital outlets.