Rosa de Jong is an art maker from Amsterdam. Her projects are driven by idea and thoughts. The execution of these projects usually involves working with hands, which is what makes Rosa very happy.

“I’m a freelance designer, art director and animator based in Amsterdam. After studying for commercial art direction and working for one or two agencies, I started working for my own clients. Designing can be intense. The more experience I have, the more respect I have for other people’s creativity. It’s so much easier criticizing something that somebody else already did than making something from scratch. The most important thing for me is that by the end of a project, every one is happy. I want to make things people want to look at, not something they’re forced to look at.” 

Her purpose is to tell the real story of the brand, making every piece of communication authentic and personal. Rosa de Jong builds micro homes into the side of tiny cliffs constructed out of cork. Her miniature environments are covered in fake moss and also dotted with modeling trees, a fact that adds an enchanting element to her homes.

Rosa collaborated with her father to design the wooden frames for the structures, including tiny wheels which let the owner to adjust the position of the floating islands. Two of her recent works, Rememberedand Imagined, will be shown in the same time at a dual-city exhibition which opens on the 24th of August, 2018 at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia and the 30th of August, 2018 at Antler Gallery in Portland. We can view more of the designer’s miniature homes on Instagram and her Micro Matter website.