Lukasz Wierzbowski is a self-taught photographer currently based in Wroclaw, Poland. His works rely on a remarkable interplay between photographer and models, who are depicted in weird, abnormal poses.

Lukasz Wierzbowski knows to combine nudity with a matching set of colors which leads to an intimate, absorbing picture composition. He relies on the bond that is created between the photographer and the model. When he started taking pictures in his parents’ house, he used to experiment with friends and family members as motives. The roots of the strange accessories and interior decoration displayed in his pictures also lie in his daily life. Often the photographer uses homes of his private acquaintances to shoot in front of retro-looking backdrops. Each photo shoot comes alive with spontaneous twists and unforeseeable outcomes. The photo artist doesn’t like to meticulously plan his shootings in advance. Instead of this, he relies on the magic of the moment which arises naturally without making too many guidelines.