Luc Kordas is a Brooklyn-based photographer that captured the loneliness and the seclusion of the big city New York in his series called “The New York Chronicles”.

Luc Kordas roamed the streets of the Big Apple with his camera in hand, in search of the lonely yet extraordinary citizens that make New York what it is. For Kordas, the city is the ultimate playground — a photographer’s paradise where the next shot can be found on the following street corner, the second carriage on the subway, or on a rain-soaked basketball court you walk past on your way home.
The photographer captured the variety of cultures that exist in New York, being attracted by those who live on the peripheries of society. Kordas said “this feeling is palpable everywhere in the city…I witness the isolation and seclusion every day.” His work reminds that every passerby has a story to tell.