Lee Chee Wai is a photographer based in Malaysia whose work delicately documents man’s relationship with nature. His series “Water” captures the shapes of water.

In his photo series, Wai explores the many ways that this element ebbs and flows.  “The element of water is feminine, soft and flexible. It can manifest many faces, from rain to mist, rivers to the sea, ripples to reflections”, explained him.  Wai utilized extreme long exposure and infrared light, in this way the flow of rivers become a blur. The high contrast of the water in these black and white images helps delineates ripples, oil slicks and the insects and sunlight that dance atop them.

Lee Chee Wai is a self-taught and avid photographer, a creative director/account manager in his advertising team, based in Ipoh Malaysia. His passion for photography has been brewing since he learned to appreciate art and at the same time pursue his study in Graphic Design.

Being a founder member of a photography society in his hometown in 1990, his journey of photography had been driving him to contemporary and fine art photography mostly in black and white. His motto is: “transforming his senses from the environment, the people and all the living being to the fine art images.”