Kristen Meyer is a multimedia artist who lives in New Haven CT with her husband and two daughters. She made a career in floral design, interior decorating, window design and prop styling.

Kristen Meyer  is based in Connecticut and creates flat lay photographs on pastel backgrounds with precisely arranged vegetables or other organic materials such as rocks and leaves. Her works are geometrically minded, like a design that created an isometric grid from sliced melon and kiwi transformed into a field of interlocking circles on top of equally sized crackers. All of the arrangements are shot in her house where she has a studio. She usually travels to the room of the house best lighted. She picks up many materials for her photographs, pulling inspiration from found objects.

“As far as how I find materials to experiment with, it varies a lot. I generally work with what I can find around the house, inside or out. It begins as a scavenger hunt of sorts, and then a challenge as I begin to build.”

This photographer and designer masters the art of staging various materials that come to hand. From leaves, to pieces of wood to small shells, she places these elements to create flat-lays with perfect geometric shapes. It is a long process, but the result offers a series of photos of an impressive precision.

In the fall, the artist will begin a set decorating project with photographer Adrien Broom. We may follow her style arrangements on Instagram and on her website.