Jeonghwa Seo is a designer based in Seoul and he constructed custom furniture to complement the raw concrete interior of Et Cetera, a cafe and wine bar.
Jeonghwa Seo created the striking design of the bar. To complement the architectural design of the space, Seo designed pieces that share a similar unfinished quality. Working primarily with aluminum, oak, and brass, he created tables, seating, lamps, and plinths. “Et Cetera is a space where crafts, coffee, and wine are sold together. The clients asked that the entire space can be transformed flexibly.”, explained him in an interview.
His work is based mostly in furniture manufacture. His pieces are imbued with elements of eastern culture, as well as being influenced by western design — having studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where he received a masters degree. his style is focused on the basic principles of design, such as form, structure and contrasting materiality.