Tattooist Jason Stieva made assemblage art, increasing his creativity  into three-dimensional space. He has been working on his Gothic Times series for nine years and he mixed mechanisms with other materials. This is why his sculptures are wildly surreal and filled with detail. The sculptor offers us great sculptures delivered in the delightful form of framed assembled miniatures and well placed grey caustic bones.

For Leviathan – Ark of the Apocalypse, he spent about 15 months to design the ghostly pirate ship containing savage characters. Being the owner of his tattoo studio, Sinful Inflictions, he works as a sculptor in his free time: “Sculpting is a lot different than tattooing which I can do anytime. With sculptures, I have to be in the mood to work on them and not be forced with deadlines.”

The inspiration started when Stieva spied a scale model of a tallship mounted to the ceiling of a store that he frequently explored. He admired it a lot and he began creating an ark that would carry all kind of mutated creatures. The final project measures 8 feet high, 7.5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide.

“Overall it was the most daunting project I’ve ever worked on and will probably ever create,” he shares. “There is a lot of extremely tedious detail from front to back, top to bottom. Just severing the army heads alone and sanding the back of each to be certain they would sit flush once applied with tweezers took weeks. Sourcing all the characters took quite a while. Redesigning, taking apart, rebuilding, and making the ark structurally sound long before any sculpting began took quite a while.”

For the moment, the ship is situated in the home of one of Stieva’s clients, an avid collector who had the artist tattoo on his chest. Stieva keeps building by scouring garage sales and thrift shops for more materials to bring his fantastical sculptures to life.