When you decide to enter into the interior design profession, the possibilities are without limit. Some designers specialize in residential interiors, but there are also opportunities in commercial interiors and home staging. New sectors are popping up: an increased focus on sustainable design opened up a whole range of opportunities in the interior design field.

Before thinking that interior design is all about color swatches and fabric samples, we will help you dissect whether you have what it takes to become a great designer. Luckily, the New York Institute of Art and Design has a comprehensive online interior design course which permits enrolling at any time and learn at your own pace. Whether you want to change careers or formalize your interior design training, NYIAD’s class marries online learning with feedback from a professional interior designer. It is also nationally accredited and certified by the prestigious Designer Society of America.

A basic understanding of the color wheel permits designers to build color palettes that are the foundations of any space. A strong grasp of how colors work together and how they create illusions are all abilities every interior designer needs. Some designers are famous for their creative use of pattern, that comes from a solid foundation in color theory.

Successful interior designers marry creativity with a keen awareness that every space they design has a purpose. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms have specific functions that must be addressed in the design and need to be balanced within the creative vision. The ability to remain open to a client’s needs allows designers to prove their skills and keep different clientele.

One of the greatest skills is their ability to arrange furniture and decor in a way which offers the room balance. This creates a great arrangement that automatically brings good energy to the interior. Designers know how to build up small elements to create an interior that works well together.