Fipé Gouge Merrall is an Australian artist whose paintings depict naked women in various forms and situations, like relaxed and confident positions or brooding and exhausted.

Fipé Gouge Merrall though doesn’t romanticize the female body. The curves of the bodies are drawn and painted in a position that twist,  lean, and bend over the surfaces they are perched on. He uses a combination of watercolor paint, oil pastels, charcoal, and ballpoint pen to create hues in unexpected places. Merral portrays the women differently in each painting, combining the posture of the character with the colored shades. 

 “Past [and] present experiences, traveling, and human movement is all influential in my art making. Through my artworks, I am exploring the relationship between color, the human nude form, line, and the integration these components have in creating an aesthetic and emotional experience on myself as well as the viewer”, explained Merrall in an interview.