David Cata is a Spanish artist that sews landscapes into the skin of his palm, a kind of art that you haven’t seen before. 

David Cata created the series called “Horizontes” and he claims that “with changes, the confrontation with the past and the uncertainty of the future”. Cata’s choice of art is determined by visuals that bear personal significance to him: a lover not yet roused from sleep, a piano, a lighthouse, a snowy mountain, and the ocean. The unconventional series works as a type of journal for Cata, who explains that the landscapes are a part of him. They will become, he states, “the first pages of many that will be printed on the skin”.

Through his art, David explores the memories and the meaning of a place on a person. 

He studied a B.A. (Fine Arts) in Vigo University (Pontevedra). In 2010 studies the Internacional Master’s Degree in Photography (Concept and Creation) at Madrid’s EFTI and he wins the first prize of class 2010. He also studied the intermediate degree in accordion at Viveiro’s Conservatory of Music.

In 2010, he won the first prize of the Ourense’s Disputation of Plastic Arts contest, the first access at the Bang 6th Video Art Festival of Barcelona at 2013 and won an acquisition prize for the 13th Isaac Diaz Pardo Fine Arts Contest at 2013.

He’s been selected for  national and international calls, such as the “Xuventude Crea 2010”, the “Gritos de Libertad” photography contest, the “Eject” 4th Internacional Video performance Festival of México City, the Ourense’s Disputation Plastic Arts contest 2012 and 2013, the “INCUBARTE” 5th International Independent Arts Festival, the “Convergencias’” Alliançe Francaise of Madrid’s photography contest, the CEC’s Plastic Arts contest, the “((.mov))” In Movement International Videoart Festival of Peru, the 15th Sala El Brocense’s AAPP Contest, the 5th International Videoarts Festival of Camaguey, the “Region 0” Videoart Festival of New York, among others.

His work has been seen in Mexico, New York, Peru, Cuba, Portugal, Cambodia, and Spain.