Daniel Kemp is a designer based in Hong-Kong that fuses industrial and organic forms with new technologies to create striking and diverse projects; from interiors and furniture to objects and lighting.

Daniel Kemp created his studio in 2016 to expand his unique approach to the object and spatial design. His work is characterized by his sophisticated minimalist pieces that toe the line between design and art, object and space, and humanity and nature.  His work includes 3D printing technologies and handcrafting techniques.  

In an interview, Kamp explained: “We live in a post-industrial society… I’d really like to think we can move away from mass production of these homogeneous, lifeless objects and spaces and get to a place where things are more bespoke, more loveable, and cherished for a longer period of time.”

Daniel Kamp is a multidisciplinary product and spatial designer hailing from New Zealand and based in Hong Kong. With projects spanning furniture, lighting, objects, and interiors, the designer’s diverse practice is anchored by sophisticated sculptural minimalism and a fascination with intersections between the industrial and the organic.

At just 27 years of age, Kamp’s work has featured in blogs, magazines, and books all around the world including important design publications such as Habitus, Elle and Design Boom. His projects have received awards in New Zealand and Italy, he has been a keynote speaker at various design conferences and his work has been exhibited and sold in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. In his seven years of professional practice Kamp has created countless objects and spaces; some for commercial clients such as Air New Zealand and Microsoft, some for individuals, and many simply for experimentation.

In 2012, Kamp co-founded the design studio, Think & Shift. During his three years as Creative Director, the studio evolved from a small furniture design house to the holistic product and spatial design brand that it is today. At Think & Shift, Kamp designed retail, workplaces, installations, hospitality spaces, lighting, consumer products and more. His works received a Platinum Award from the International A’ Design Awards in Italy, as well as four Best Awards and nine finalist placings from the Designer’s Institute of New Zealand.

In 2016 the designer established KAMP.studio to develop his own aesthetic signature and approach to design. He spent much of the following year experimenting with how additive manufacturing might be combined with handicraft to create unique finished products. This experimentation culminated in a collection of homewares produced using unique combinations of 3D printing and traditional processes. The family of made-to-order products was featured in many publications, exhibited in New Zealand and Japan and sold in small numbers to buyers around the world.

In parallel to projects under his own brands, Daniel Kamp has also worked as a design innovation consultant to well-known companies since 2013. He has consulted on spatial design for The University of Auckland, collaborated with experts to develop a city-wide wayfinding system for Auckland Transport, and worked with Air New Zealand to help them imagine the future of spaces and customer experience in airports.

In 2017 Kamp relocated his practice to Hong Kong, to form a base from which he can focus on projects in Asia. Since he has worked on several interior design projects and completed gallery exhibitions showing his sculptural furniture series ‘A Crude Coexistence’.