Chris Forsyth is a Montreal-based photographer that has an obsession for architecture and metros. His series titled ‘Montreal Metro’ began in October of 2014 as an academic project, documenting the often overlooked architecture of Montreal’s urban subway.

Chris Forsyth worked at his photo-series that is composed of 68 stations, each was designed by a different architect between the 60s and 70s, distinguished by a unique composition. After his project work was completed, Forsyth continued his Metro series as a personal exploration of the art and architecture of metro stations around the world. Including Munich, Berlin, and Stockholm, as well as smaller sets of Hamburg and Prague, his new Europe edition captured worldwide attention and won the 2015 International Photographer of the Year award.

He emphasizes their architecture and images them in a manner rarely experienced. Underground transit systems are often characterized by their special design, whereby the utilization takes a back seat. Each metro station features a unique atmosphere which is a product of its design, from Montreal’s Brutalist stations to Stockholm’s hand-painted bedrock caves.