Capturing stars is the favourite activity of Daniel Kordon. He is a Russian photographer, very recognized for his distinctive landscape photography. His work won the National Geographic Russia contest in 2013. He worked with a number of key clients, including Apple and RedBull. Several magazines published his work, such as Digital SLR Magazine and Photography Master Class.

Daniel Kordan is a master of photographing the cosmos. In 2016 we covered his journey to the Salar de Uyuni. There he captured millions of brilliantly stars reflected in the world’s largest salt flat. Lately, he returned from a journey to Namibia where he projected swirling stars above the Deadvlei. It was a white clay pan speckled with old tree skeletons and other sites across the Namib desert.

The images show vortexes of colored stars streaked across the sky. They look like post-impressionist paintings. The Milky Way’s warm and cool tones mix in order to create a kaleidoscopic vision of the sky. They also illuminate the barren desert landscape below. If we want to capture such images, he recommends creating a time lapse with a wide angle lens. It is also important to utilize an app like PhotoPills. It helps us easily anticipate the position of the stars.

Daniel Kordan confesses: “I have been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since my early childhood. I grew up at beautiful lake region under Moscow exploring wild nature, spending most of my free time in the nature. I graduated the art painting school when I was a kid. Mix art, nature, constant activities and you’ll receive a summary – art of Landscape photography. Life started swirling me, pushing me into the rush. University, hard work on my quantum physics thesis, family and friends.”

He will always find a pleasure in the pathless places, where he may return and admire. This is why nature remains his inspiration, with all the beauty and variety of colors.