Andra Ioana Dancovici, born in Ploiești on June 25th, 1988, is a Romanian poet and painter, recently established in Switzerland. Her grandmother being a librarian, her father a vocalist and her mother a painter, she acquires an artistic talent that does not go unnoticed.

Since she was seven years old, she has practiced high performance martial arts, succeeding in acquiring the black belt with 2 Dani. She won countless medals at National and International Championships, the most important being silver and bronze at two World Championships.

She was a student of Al. I. Cuza Highschool from Ploiești, then she completed the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest, in parallel with other courses of philosophy, psychology, gnostic anthropology and meditation.

In 2012 she joins with Cătălin Pătrașcu the NGO Asociaţia Ajută Oamenii Prahova, organizing events and social-cultural activities (concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows etc.), inspirational, moral and financial support for young people with initiative, children and old people who are in difficulty.

Being deeply marked by a family problem, she decides to travel through Europe alone, which will be a defining experience for completing the three volumes of poetry she worked during her adolescence. The first volume is called ‘Among Time’ and will be published this year in France, where she lived in 2018, exposing her paintings, participating in cultural events and working on translating her poetry volumes in french together with the poet Gregory Huck.

In the same year she collaborates with the K. H. Eberle Foundation in Germany, Lörrach, where she works with the artist Philippe Bordonnet on the catalog of the private art collection of this foundation. She also organizes projects and exhibitions at Gallery Turmstrasse 14, a gallery belonging to Thomas Schwind (member of the above-mentioned Foundation), designed to discover and encourage young talents, local artists and artists from other countries.

Located at the border with 3 countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Andra shares her artistic activity, but returns annually to Romania to visit her family and to participate at the events she is invited to.