Settled on a hilltop in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park, Topas Ecolodge is an escape at about five hours away from Hanoi. The locale contains 33 bungalows which offer rustic interior decor and private balconies for wonderful views of the surrounding hillsides. From there you may admire the magnificent view of the endless valleys dotted with ethnic minorities’ villages. It represents a great place for touring in the area biking or relaxing from the noisy city life.

Topas Ecolodge offers an experience which is different from your standard hotel. They are preoccupied with their ecological footprint and they employ tribe members from the Thanh Kim and Thanh Phu villages. “We call ourselves a ‘lodge’ because we lack some of the basic features and services of a standard hotel,” they explain. “Our bungalows have no TV and no internet connection, enabling guests to completely escape from everyday life and immerse with nature.”

The lack of technology permits us to immerse ourself fully in the surroundings that we can admire from the infinity pool. The basin was made in 2017 and provides a picturesque peek down onto the Muong Hoa Valley. We may find there layers of rice terraces and workers attending to their crops. When the valley fills with fog, this makes our experience seem like something out of a dream.

Topas Ecolodge has many amenities to indulge in. There is also a spa where we can have a massage and herbal bath. In addition, there is a restaurant that provide Vietnamese dishes with a European twist. With its great location and dedication to eco-friendly tourism, Topas Ecolodge has been named a Unique Lodge of the World by National Geographic.

In collaboration with a local Vietnamese family, the Danish company started offering tours through the region in 1993. As their connections in the valley enlarged, their vision for an experience that would immerse guests in hill tribe culture augmented, too.

Topas Ecolodge opened in 2005 on a mountaintop far from the emerging tourist hub of Sa Pa town. The lodge gives one of the area’s most culturally improving experiences. Here, visitors live among the hill tribe communities and leave with a better understanding of life.