Alex Selkowitz is an American painter that creates contemporary oil on canvas of suburban scenes from his hometown of Los Angeles, in the sun-filled state of California.

Alex Selkowitz illustrated in his paintings backyard landscapes, home interiors, beaches, and empty staircases and chairs, each capturing light and shadows at play. The result is a striking image”, he explains, “negotiating the balance between physical encounter and a faded memory”, explained the artist.  His inspiration is the famous painter Edward Hopper, who is widely acknowledged as one of the most important realist painters of twentieth-century America. 

Alex Selkowitz is a contemporary painter living in Los Angeles. He is inspired by the cities juxtaposition of urban sprawl and green spaces. His process begins with snapshots of his surroundings, which are sketched, and used as studies for his paintings. By the time the image makes its way to the canvas, it has undergone various stages of fragmentation to disrupt the linear elements in a composition. The result is a striking image negotiating the balance between physical encounter and a faded memory.