Aida Muluneh is an Ethiopian photographer and a contemporary artist that has traveled and lived all over the world. She returned to her homeland where she found the inspiration for her works. 

Aida Muluneh captured photos that illustrate different issues about life, love, and history. She said that her intent with the art is to ask provocative questions about our life, the people and the different nations. Even some of the images are like a personal diary, said Muluneh about her series of vivid, almost surrealistic portraiture. Muluneh describes her art as a “symbolic” attempt to delve into the many layers of her uniquely multifaceted diasporic culture and our ideas about how we live as people, as nations, and as beings. Muluneh’s work on body painting is inspired by traditional body art from the African continent. Each picture is a reflection of conscious and subconscious manifestations of time and space.